Initiate's Path Phase 1 (IPP1 2023)
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Initiate's Path Phase One (2023)

ReMember Institute's Initiate's Path is a long format study path for people like you, who strive for mastery in metaphysics, spiritual counseling/teaching, and/or alternative priestess/priesthood. Each year-long phase is a focused study, practice, and application of Hermeticism, Metaphysics, Thought Technology, and Liberal Arts. In keeping with the ReMember Institute's motto, "May we reMember what we once knew before we forget who we are,"  Initiate's Path sets the intention for all participants to add ancient wisdom to every aspect of their living, and in doing so, creating more alignment with metaphysical laws of Nature. 
We believe that the application of these teachings will create a practice in pursuit of Mastery in every area of life, improving the way you do EVERYTHING.  This is a bold statement.  And we intend to put this theory into demonstration via these year-long journeys into emancipating the mind.  

Modern Western Society has been socially engineered to promote a dominant narrative in support of white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, cis-hetero patriarchy, and other forms of destructive cultural devices meant to impair the common folk's access to this information. 

In this course, we intend to disrupt that societal engineering to empower and advance humanity's chances of thriving in healthy, creative, and connected ways in every area and relationship of life, including technology, art, science, and spirituality: the four pillars of the Intersection for Mankind's mission statement.

If you are religious, this path is not against any religion.  In fact, we believe that it will help the student clean up whatever their belief systems and practices are, so that they may benefit more from whatever spiritual path they take.  It is also easily applied to agnostic and gnostic teachings, for improved results in practice throughout every area of living.

May we remember what we once knew before we forgot who we were.

 This is our cornerstone study path.  It will make you better at anything you apply it to.  From the most mundane to the most complex endeavors.   Initiate's Path teaches thought technologies that the student puts into practical and functional practice in every area of life, on all three planes of existence.  You may find that you become a lot more dynamic in your relationships, more impactful in your communication, clearer about your desires, more aware of your fears, more empowered in your professional aspirations, and more prolific in your creativity. 

Because Rev Brig has put this information into practice with her private clients for close to a decade, we have observed positive outcomes with all sorts of people, in every walk of life.  Many have expressed great improvements in the quality of their ability to be present, to be emotionally sober, to be confident, to be emotionally and intellectually agile, to be resilient, and so much more. 

This is a certificate program.  Each Initiate's Path Phase is one year long and when completed the student receives a certificate for each phase completed.  Phase One is a prerequisite for those aspiring to teach in one of our 4 study paths on our ReMember Institute digital campus platform.  Graduates of this course may apply to teach one of our established courses, or continue to remain in Initiates Path Phases where they will create their own course to be offered on the platform.  There will not be another registration for Phase One until March 2023. See more info below for details about the course requirements. 

Course Requirements
  • All books and materials must be acquired by the student 
  • Live Study Sessions will be every two weeks on Saturdays, 8:30 am - 11:30 am PST
  •  Live sessions will alternate between discussion of the current topic and group coaching sessions around the application of that topic.
  • There will be occasional group/partner projects and activities to be completed in your own time
  • Reading of materials assigned will have deadlines scheduled around the live sessions. 
  • Willingness to consider choosing consistent lifestyle changes designed to serve everything you do
  • Personal Practices at all levels... daily, weekly, etc...  such as journaling, fear and desire inventories, meditation, etc...
  • Recordings of all live sessions will be available for review if you miss one 

Course Inclusions
  • 20+ live sessions w/Rev Brig and other teachers
  • 1 year Student ReMembership on
    • includes access to blog, newsletter, ReMembership course discounts, exclusive events, and our own private social network where you can make friends and participate in our new community home. 
  • Rich course content and participation in active discussion in a group setting on campus.
  • Access to recordings of all live sessions
  • Deep discounts on private counseling packages with one of our Master Teachers during enrollment in the course
  • Official Remember Institute stamped certificate of completion
  • Eligibility for Initiate's Path Phase Two

Phase 1 Shopping List


You will need physical copies of the following books:

You'll need all of the following items:
  • Journal Planner Pens 
  • Large Dotted Journals with internal pockets.  6-9 of these
  • A fine writing pen to be used only for ritual work, casing made out of natural substance such as wood, crystal, etc...
  • chakra pyramid stones
  • Colored pencils
  • Ink pens
  • #2 pencils
  • Evernote App

Rev Brig Feltus
Rev Brig Feltus
Master Teacher