Bro. Dr. Heru Khuti


H. Sharif Williams, PhD, MEd, famously known as Dr. Herukhuti, is a cultural studies scholar, sex researcher-educator, systems theorist, cultural worker (i.e., filmmaker, playwright, poet, and performance artist), interdisciplinary sociocultural scientist, and bodemé (i.e., community healer in the tradition of the Dagara people) whose work operates at the intersection of race, culture, sexuality and spirituality. He is an internationally renowned teacher, healer, and guide and an award-winning author.
Dr. Herukhuti reads the formal and informal processes within institutions, the dynamics of teams, and the politics of groups and assesses people’s ability to function at their best, feel good about their work, and support a diverse workplace environment. He offers people the opportunity to engage in transformative learning as a path to envision the future, embrace change, overcome challenges, heal breaches, and create environments of social/ecological justice. Dr. Herukhuti integrates theory, methods, and solutions in human development and consciousness, organization studies, adult education, cultural studies, and systems thinking from around the world to provide an integral approach that works on multiple levels: micro/macro, individual/collective, interpersonal/systemic, and vertical/horizontal. 
Dr. Herukhuti is a masterful facilitator with twenty-five years of experience. His presence is a profound and powerful invitation to co-create a space of critical reflection, deep meaning, creativity, focus, and engagement. Dr. Herukhuti is a superb observer and communicator. He is able to perceive even the subtlest forces that greatly affect environments and communicate important truths in ways that are understandable and actionable. Dr. Herukhuti is an excellent coach and counselor who encourages growth and learning. Dr. Herukhuti is also a scholar-practitioner with a theoretical background in organizations, social systems, and change as well as a practical background as a professional. He holds two bachelor degrees in political science and psychology, a graduate degree with a specialization in conflict resolution and learning community development, a doctorate in human and organizational systems with a concentration in transformative learning for social justice, and has received training in Boalian social change techniques, mediation, and body-mind health.
Dr. Herukhuti’s work has included group dynamics training, strategic planning, curriculum design and implementation, equity/diversity/plurality education, and popular education. He uses techniques from the theatrical world to create profound, creative, and fun experiences for workshop participants. Participants are often encouraged to engage in role-plays, exploratory games, and active modeling of problems and situations. Dr. Herukhuti utilizes body-mind techniques from the Chinese disciplines of tai chi chuan and chi chung and Indian disciplines of yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) as well as traditional African concepts of consciousness, family, and community in his work. Through the application of these techniques, Dr. Herukhuti helps people become more conscious of themselves and their connections to the world. This provides a more complete understanding of the problems and issues that people face. In addition, he encourages people to use these techniques to increase their personal power and maintain their personal health.
He is hem netcher tepi (priest-conjurer-healer in the Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian tradition) of the Shrine of Sekhmet and Heruhet and founder/chief erotics officer of the Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality. He has authored or edited numerous publications including Conjuring Black Funk: Notes on Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality, Volume 1, Sexuality, Religious and the Sacred: Bisexual, Pansexual, and Polysexual Perspectives, and Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men. He has written several plays including “Shades of Gray,” “The Walls Come Down,” and “My Brother’s a Keeper.”
Currently he is executive producer and co-director of the forthcoming film, “No Homo | No Hetero,” a feature-length documentary about sexual fluidity and manhood. The film explores the complexities, challenges, and beauty of being Black, bisexual and a man in the United States. Through interviews of cisgender and transgender men and their family, friends, and lovers, performance art, and archival footage, it invites the audience to experience the politics of living and loving authentically at the contentious intersection of racism, biphobia, and toxic masculinity. 
He has taught at New York University, School of the Future, Young Adult Learning Academy, and Fielding Graduate University. He is currently a faculty member in the undergraduate programs of Goddard College and the graduate program in applied theatre in the School of Professional Studies at City University of New York (CUNY). At Goddard College, he co-founded the world’s first sexuality studies program dedicated to promoting decolonizing sexuality and challenging the whiteness and Eurocentricity of the field.
He offers the following services: Sex and relationship coaching Sex education and training Organizational development Equity, diversity, and plurality development Retreat facilitation Spiritual work Media, film, and theatre production

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