Rev. Brig Feltus



Reverend Brig Feltus is founder, CEO and visionary for The Intersection for Mankind and the Dean and creator, advisor, and Master Teacher for most of the curriculum offered through The Intersection for Mankind’s ReMember Institute. She is an ordained minister of Metaphysical Science, having received Masters degrees of Metaphysical Science and Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. 


Reverend Brig is a proudly ordained clergy member of the International Metaphysical Ministry, a certified Orgasmic Meditation trainer, an advanced certified ThetaHealing practitioner, and holds a certificate of graduation from the Landmark Curriculum for Living. 


Reverend Brig is also an initiate teacher of Hermeticism with a focus on teaching the Kybalion, A Course in Miracles, New Thought, Spiritual Science, and other related philosophies from the teachings and philosophies of Khemet (Ancient Egypt). Her ministry is based on Omnism and/or pluralism and the application of ancient teachings which influenced every major religion, and all of the physical sciences. Reverend Brig also has more than a decade of study in the realm of comparative religion, including indigenous spiritual studies from cultures around the globe. She has practiced healing, counseling, and coaching private clients since 2009, and teaching and developing curriculum through ReMember Institute since 2015. She is available for private counseling and group coaching circles, officiation of rites of passage, ceremonies, ritual consultations, and Orisha Tarot. Inquire here for more information about private counseling. 


Reverend Brig is the HeadMaster Teacher for ReMember Institute, its courses online and in-person events. Rev Brig also has 6 years of experience in diversity consciousness consulting for spiritual guides and major organizations, healers, universities, personal development businesses, authors, counselors, teachers, and aspiring activists. She is the founder and author of ReMember Institute’s Curriculum for Diversity Consciousness Series which provides resources for the people racialized as white or white passing, who wish to be more conscious and connected to issues of race, disability, and other forms of marginalization. 


Reverend Brig Feltus also is a singer/songwriter whose current music project, ”motherlovergoddessbeast” (iTunes, Tidal, Pandora, Spotify, etc…) is the first recording of its kind in the history of western contemporary alternative soul, as it has been produced using a brand new cutting edge technology that allows the artist to infuse music with sacred frequencies using technology that has been hidden away in plain sight for hundreds of years.  


This year, Rev Brig and her colleagues at the Intersection for Mankind are excited to bring forth the manifestation of her love child, The Temple at the Intersection, which will bring together all four of the Intersections disciplines with live, in-person monthly gatherings featuring sacred healing frequency sound baths, light therapy, talks on metaphysics, T’ai Chi Chuan, science lessons, guided meditation, and embodiment dance, and more!  


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