Liberated Wordsmith
THE LIBERATED WORDSMITH (Facilitated by Jameka Alexander and Lisa Meuser )
Season 1: The Rise & The Fall: An Exploration of What Births From Death
***Update (2/12/2022): Season 1 is now 4 sessions instead of 6, and is now open for individual session drop-in at $25/class
***Update (3/8/2022): Here is the link to the waitlist.
What is the Liberated Wordsmith Series?
ReMember Institute's Arts and Disciplines study path's mission is to provide a space to cultivate decolonized developmental mastery opportunities for creatives and adepts in various areas of creativity. 
The Liberated Wordsmith series invites writers of all levels of experience to take part in these 4 week writer's salons, organized into themed seasons.  With guidance from ReMember Institute Initiate's Path Adepts Lisa Meuser and JB Alexander, and peer support from fellow participants, you will be held within a consciously created container designed to give space for authentic reflection, writing, and sharing.
In this masterfully co-created community...
  • we will have time and space to contemplate and write
  • our voices and stories will be heard
  • we will choose what feedback to our writing we receive
  • our creativity will be inspired and honored 
We will be drawing on various practices, lineages, and traditions, including from Women Writing For (a) Change, Bloomington Indiana and The ReMember Institute. 
What participants are saying about the impact of Liberated Wordsmith.
"The Liberated Wordsmith was an experience in connection like no other I've had as a writer. The group practices and community traditions are designed to create a supportive, open, non-judgmental space, and participants come with open hearts. I highly recommend it. LWS was tremendously healing."
"I feel inspired to write more and use the practices I learned in the circle, especially non-judgemental fast writing."
"Liberated Wordsmith is a mindfully built and heart healing space that encourages everyone to show up in their fullness and write who they are with space to be and grow. A must-attend event for sure!"
Theme for Season 1:  The Rise & The Fall: An Exploration of What Births From Death
We are coming off of a couple of intense years: the tangled layers of the Covid 19 pandemic, the forced confrontation of ourselves amidst quarantine, the exposure of the systematic killing of Black and Brown people within violent and broken systems and institutions, and the loss of millions of lives. As we are grieving and grappling with the breadth and magnitude of those losses, personally and globally, we are invited to connect with what is available on the other side of death, not as a loss, but as a catalyst for creation. We are rebirthing and reconnecting with ourselves and discovering evolutionary possibilities and growth opportunities within ourselves and in our communities.
In Season 1 of Liberated Wordsmith, we will be centering Black and Brown authors who elucidate the themes of the rise and the fall and explore the creative potential found in the cycle of birth and death. We will connect with selected literary and poetic excerpts, quotes, and consciously crafted writing prompts that reflect and uplift these themes as we engage with and honor our experiences through our writing.
$25 per class
  • 4 live interactive zoom-based writing workshop sessions
  • basic student access to ReMember Institute's private social media platform, including a personal profile
  • access to the Liberated Wordsmith Community Group on campus

Basic Schedule: 

  • Course Run 4 weeks
  • 4 live sessions (2.5 hours each)
  • Attendance limit: 20 people
Schedule for LWS1:  8am-10:30am pst
  • Session 1  February 27
  • Session 2  March 5
  • (week off)
  • Session 3  March 19
  • Session 4  March 27
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LWS Session 1: February 27
per Day
LWS Session 2: March 5
per Day
LWS Session 3: March 19
per Day
LWS Session 4: March 27
per Day